Adult Day Health Care


What is Adult Day Health Care?

Adult Day Health Care is day-time care for dependent older adults who need supervision outside the home. Care is provided in a safe and structured setting by licensed professionals at the Daily Living Center in Waynesboro.

Who may receive Adult Day Health Care at the Daily Living Center?

Older adults who:

  • Are 60 years and older.
  • Have a primary caregiver with self-reported caregiving related stress.
  • Require supervised care in a structured setting.

Why choose the Daily Living Center?

Generally, family members are the primary care providers for older adults with chronic health conditions and memory and physical impairments. The Daily Living Center supports older adults to stay at home versus placement in a nursing home.

The Daily Living Center enables caregivers to:

  • Retain a job outside of their home.
  • Have help with the physical part of caring for a loved one.
  • The time away may be a rejuvenator for your relationship.
  • Avoid the guilt of putting a parent in a “home.”
  • Obtain respite from what can be a 24-hour responsibility.

What does the Daily Living Center provide?

The Daily Living Center monitors medications and health monitoring by licensed professionals, provides socialization and recreational activities, and nutritious hot noon meals and two snacks.

How much does the Daily Living Center cost?

Valley Program for Aging Services (VPAS) subsidizes a portion of the cost to attend the Daily Living Center. The per-day cost is based on a sliding fee scale.

How can I get more information about the Daily Living Center?

If you believe you qualify and need Adult Day Health Care, or know someone who does, please contact David Taylor at 540-885-4568 or by e-mail at

An in-home assessment is required in order to receive subsidy for the DLC. See Information and Assistance for description of assessment.

Information may also be found at

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