Carrots, Anyone?

For her monthly cooking demonstration, Program Director Lori Pullin chose to focus on carrots! She prepared a recipe called zesty carrots which was a nice addition to the noontime meal at Staunton Senior Center. While the dish was baking, Lori played trivia with the members who were anxiously waiting to try this interesting manner of preparing this vegetable, the ingredient horse radish being what gave the carrots their zest!

Who knew there were so many little known facts about carrots? Carrots were first grown in Afghanistan some 3,000 years ago. The carrot is a member of the parsley family. Carrots can also be purple, white, red, or yellow besides the traditional orange hue. The longest carrot recorded was in 1996, measuring in at sixteen feet, ten and a half inches long; and the heaviest carrot in the world weighed in at a little over eighteen pounds in 1998! Of course most people know that the primary vitamin obtained from eating carrots is vitamin A. The carrot is symbolic of fecundity (fertility), so members learned a new word as well!